When a group of masked mercenaries infiltrate the Bank of Philadelphia, the objective is to steal five pink Argyle diamonds from a safety deposit box. Things run smoothly until one of the gunmen; 28-year-old Liam Matthews ends up locked inside of the vault with 23-year-old bank teller Remi Catalano. One of them will make a fateful decision that drastically alters the robbery's outcome. In its aftermath, their actions inadvertently have a profound effect on the other, which will ultimately define who they both truly are.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Deciding on a cover has been a frustrating process.  Every time I think I've made the decision on what to go with, I change my mind.  

I have so many proofs of the paperback that I could start my own library with it. It's crazy.  

And though I've always loved the 'eyes' aspect, I sometimes feel it comes off creepy and that's not the vibe I want someone to get when choosing on whether to read my book or not. A cover has to make a statement. It has to POP to catch the reader's eye.  

For instance, Fifty Shades of Grey has the gray tie on the cover.  Even if you have no desire to read the book or don't care about 50 shades, that tie on the cover is synonymous with it.  All you have to do is see the cover and know what the book is.  So I wanted to have something similar and simple like that.  

And though the eyes make a statement, not sure it makes the right one.  So now, I'm swaying towards using a pink diamond on the cover. Because the pink diamonds are the catalyst for everything that happens in the book.  

Originally, I was thinking to use five pink diamonds scattered all over the cover. But then I thought just a single diamond would be better.  So I changed the design and went with one instead of five. But I ended up not liking the diamond I picked.  So it was back to the drawing board.  

I really want to make the paperback available soon and get it out there.  So hopefully the most recent choice is the ONE!  I'm waiting for the 'proof' to arrive in the mail, and keeping the fingers crossed that when I open the box, it's exactly what I want.