When a group of masked mercenaries infiltrate the Bank of Philadelphia, the objective is to steal five pink Argyle diamonds from a safety deposit box. Things run smoothly until one of the gunmen; 28-year-old Liam Matthews ends up locked inside of the vault with 23-year-old bank teller Remi Catalano. One of them will make a fateful decision that drastically alters the robbery's outcome. In its aftermath, their actions inadvertently have a profound effect on the other, which will ultimately define who they both truly are.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Paperback!

As I stated in my previous post, choosing a cover image has been a lengthy process. And though I liked the "eyes" on the cover, I felt a single pink diamond, sort of hints at what the story is about more so than the eyes.

From the get-go, though I loved using the 'eyes' on the cover, I was concerned that the 'eyes' were going to come off as a book about terrorism.  I mean, I know it involves masked gunmen, who obviously aren't innocent people, but hopefully the pink diamond gives off a whole different vibe.

Going with the white, also took some time in deciding.  But I wanted it to stand out.

The paperback is currently available at Amazon.com and other outlets such as Barnes & Nobles.com.  However, the cover at Barnes & Nobles is a mock version that I ended up scrapping, so I'm currently trying to get Createspace to fix that for me.  The purchased book will have the updated cover.

Prices may vary.

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